Dragonfly (DFLY) is a boutique indoor cycling and strength training fitness studio in Sherman Oaks, CA with 50-minute group classes 7 days per week.  Taught by LA’s finest and most motivating instructors, you will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally in every single class.  Music taste and style vary by instructor, so check them all out and see which you vibe with!

All are Welcome

Classes are open to all levels, so whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, coming back after a hiatus, or are a regular workout enthusiast, we got you!   Our team is VERY well versed in working with all kinds.  We know how to make accommodations for new members, provide modifications for injuries, and push our strongest members to the brink.   The group energy is inspiring and uplifting, however the workout itself is very much tailored to your comfort level.   What you put in directly affects when you get out!

Cardio and Strength in One Spot

Dragonfly’s indoor cycling and strength training programs are the perfect compliment to each other, offering all your fitness needs in one spot.  You will work on your cardiovascular strength and endurance in spin, while burning tons of calories and getting in an amazing sweat and detox.  Then you’ll head to the gym to build muscle, tone your body, stabilize your core, and increase bone density.   As you get stronger on the bike, you’ll feel it in the gym, and vice versa.   And even better – class packages and memberships are valid for all classes, so no need to look elsewhere!

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Let’s Get Private

In addition to group classes, we also offer private training sessions with our roster of highly certified and experienced trainers.   Tell us your goals and preferences, best times of day to work out, and we’ll find you the perfect match for an unparalleled 1-on-1 experience.

Email us at studio@dragonflyshermanoaks.com to inquire about private training.