Troy Appel

Studio Manager, Personal Trainer

Troy has almost a decade of experience in the fitness industry.  He started out as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in New Jersey, then moved to LA and became owner of a local gym right here in LA.   He loves meeting new people who share his passion for fitness, and is very excited to continue this journey at DFLY.

Top 3 Songs to workout to:

1. Finale by Madeon
2. Monophobia by Deadmau5
3. Falling Fast by Seven Lions

Top 3 Guilty Pleasures:

1. Mac and Cheese, I could literally eat that every single day.
2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,The Movie. (I am a child trapped in an adult man’s body, please send help)
3. Rocket League. It is a video game that I have dedicated way too many hours of my life to, and I will continue to do so.

Top 3 things to do on the weekend:

1. Workout or train clients, the grind never stops, unless we’re feeling lazy that weekend, then the grind is on pause.
2. Try to get out of the valley and make it to any other part of LA, I hear the beach is nice this time of year.
3. Did I mention Rocket League?