Michelle Allen

Cycle & TRX Instructor, Personal Trainer

A former competitive gymnast and lifelong athlete, Michelle knows that every day is better when one breaks a sweat.

Born and raised in New York, Michelle gave both her boyfriend and Los Angeles one year. Two decades and two kids later she still has that NY edge, but fully admits hiking in the LA mountains is better than the hike to the A Train. Michelle has been a  spin instructor for over 11 years, six of them at DFLY and still doesn’t know how she got so lucky to get paid for having a blast. When not at Dfly Michelle can be found outside on a trail, walking her awesome dog, at the farmers market, or hiding from her two teenagers at home.

Whether it is in the spin room or in the garage for TRX, Stretch, or Personal Training, Michelle will make it fun.

Top 3 songs to spin to:

1. Times Like These by the Foo
2. Bad Guy by Billie Eilish
3. Anything by the Beastie Boys

Top 3 Guilty pleasures:

1. Harry Styles
2. Pizza
3. Blasting Rock the Bells radio in the car

Top 3 things to do on the weekend:

1. Cook crazy good dinners
2. Laugh with friends (husband included)
3. Work off crazy good dinners at DFLY