The Dragonfly Ride (DFLY RIDE) is designed to reflect the vibe of the studio and the community in which we serve. It is strong, safe, effective, and intentional. The format (arc), transitions, song selections, and overarching message are chosen deliberately to tell a story that is grounded in reality and representative of normal, everyday challenges and successes. The ride has depth, substance, and purpose, which encourages riders to be present, connected, and mindful of their feelings, while at the same time providing a fun and playful escape from reality. The ride is mentally and physically challenging, the message is relatable, simple, and easy to grasp, and the end result leaves riders feeling empowered, accomplished, and yearning for more.

The DFLY ride is at the foundation of everything we do in that magical purple room. It is taught and learned by all instructors on our team, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort from one class to the next.

Dragonfly cycling classes are 50 minutes long (45 cycling + 5 cool down), unless otherwise noted (i.e. 30/30 combo classes or 60 minute rides). Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins (doors close for entry once class starts), and plan to stay through the stretch for the safety and enjoyment of you and all others.

Cellphones are not permitted in the spin room, and all personal belongings are to be stored in the locker room. Please bring your own lock as we do not provide them.

Spin shoes are required to ride. If you don’t own a pair you can rent at the front desk, however sneakers are not allowed. Bring your own water bottle (no glass please!) and feel free to refill at our delicious filtered station, or buy a bottle at the front desk. Towels are complimentary.

All classes are open to all levels and can be easily modified. Beginners are encouraged to ride in the back of the room and go at their own pace without feeling pressured to keep up. Do your best to follow the instructor’s class design and choreography, while also listening to your body and taking breaks when needed. Lastly, hoot and holler all you’d like, but please refrain from chit chat until class is over.