Congratulations on your engagement! This is going to be an incredibly exciting (and stressful) time, and we want to help you with a curated bridal package! Consistent exercise and a clean diet will help you look and feel your absolute best while enjoying the journey and managing your stress along the way!


Tell us how much time until your big day, and share with us your goals. We will customize a bridal package for you that includes indoor cycling, strength training, and/or private training sessions along with a special bachelor/bachelorette party ride to enjoy with your bridal party!


Once we have the details mentioned above, we will customize a plan for you to reach those goals. Email [email protected] today and let’s start planning (and sweating!)


Don’t take it from us, take it from our brides!

“I started going to Dragonfly regularly in February 2022 with the goal of getting in shape for my October 2022 wedding. I was already hooked on the spin classes at DFLY, but Jess and Ariel encouraged incorporating strength classes into my weekly schedule as well. They came up with a plan that included a mix of spin and strength classes 5 times a week.

I never thought weight lifting was for me and so I was super intimidated at first. But after starting with upper body tone classes on Saturdays and then lower body tone on Tuesday nights, the strength classes became some of my favorite ones to take! I signed up for a six-month plan of 20 classes a month and Jess threw in a seventh month for free (thanks, Jess!) To top it off, Jess and Jeff held a super fun bridal battle ride for me that was one of my favorite memories of the months leading up to our wedding.

And by the time I went to my final dress fitting two weeks before my wedding I was down 35 pounds. It’s now been over a year since our wedding and I’m on the unlimited plan taking a mix of spin and strength up to 7 times a week (because hey, doubles!) What started out as a plan to work out regularly has turned into so much more. It’s rare to find not only a fitness routine that you enjoy, but one that’s in a community full of badasses. I’ve definitely found that in Dragonfly and I’m forever thankful for it. ”

– Crystal