Sara Perez

Cycle & Strength Instructor

For Sara, the goal of her class is to get you closer to your physical goals, of course, but beyond that to help you create the energy you need to fuel your life goals outside of the sweat and burn of class. Because sure, burning calories is cool, but creating the energy you need to finally go for that dream job or play tag with your kids…well that’s where the magic is!

Top 3 Songs to Spin to:

1. Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift
2. Badd by Ying Yang twins & Mike Jones
3. Bend Ova by Lil John

Top 3 Guilty Pleasures:

1. Starbucks seasonal drinks
2. Playing Grand Theft Auto (yes I promise I’m 38)
3. Taylor Swift

Top 3 things to do on the weekend:

1. Hike every Sunday at 6am (I know I’m utterly insane)
2. Being home with my dogs
3. Looking for excuses to stay home with my dogs