Elf on a Shelf

05 Dec

Are you in a bit of a holiday rut? Eating and drinking more than usual, and exercising less than normal? Finding excuses to cancel class, saying “I can just go tomorrow” instead…

Well if so, you’re not alone! This is a very real problem that occurs every year between Thanksgiving and New Years, and is part of the yo-yo cycle that tends to define our society. We make our mental and physical health a top priority, until we just stop. And then come January 1st it’s back on the wagon all over again.

Doing this is not only unhealthy, but it also SUCKS psychologically starting all over again. So, this is where your DFLY “Elf of a Shelf” accountability coaches come into play! We are here all month long to give you that extra needed push, hold you accountable, and essentially badger/motivate you until you get your butt to class!

Want an Elf thru 12/31? Email [email protected] and we’ll assign you one today